Adoption Contract:

I hereby agree that upon adopting this animal from New Jersey Lend-A-Paw Animal Rescue Foundation , I will provide it with an indoor, healthy and loving home.  I agree NEVER to allow this animal to roam at large and to provide it with all veterinary care necessary.  I agree to have this animal examined yearly by a licensed veterinarian and to receive those vaccines deemed necessary by the veterinarian to maintain this animal in optimal health.  ________________( initial)

I understand that from this point forward, I am completely responsible for any and all financial obligations pertaining to this animal._________________(initial)
I understand this animal is being adopted only to be a pet in a household and that it will not be turned over to any petstore, research facilty, or to be used for breeding in any way.  Also, this animal will not be transferred to any other homes or owners without first contacting Lend-A-Paw Animal Rescue Foundation , who shall have the right to reclaim the pet for re-adoption.  In the event that I can no longer keep or properly care for this animal at any time in the future, I agree to contact Lend-A-Paw Rescue Foundation immediatley and they have the right of first refusal.______________(initial)   
A representative of NJ Lend-A-Paw Animal Rescue Foundation may visit and inspect this animal at any reasonable time to insure that the pet is humanely maintained.  Lend-A-Paw has the right to remove and regain ownership of this animal if not satisfied with the conditions concerning that animal's maintenance or care._____________(initial)
I hereby release NJ Lend-A-Paw Animal Rescue Foundation and its volunteers from any future injuries or damage caused by this animal.  I accept posession as described in this contract at my own risk.  I release and waive all claims against NJ Lend-A-Paw Animal Rescue.  This adoption is exclusively through NJ Lend-A-Paw Animal rescue and is in no way affiliated with Garden state Animal Hospital.  Because we have no prior knowledge of any animal before it was surrendered to us, we cannot attest to its future behavior or temperment.______________(initial)
Violation of any part of this contract may result in the NJ Lend-A-Paw Animal Rescue Foundation reclaiming tha animal without reefund.  The adopter agrees to pay all court costs in the event that this contract is litigated and that any suit shall be filed in the Hudson County Court of New Jersey.________________(initial)

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