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  Lend-A-Paw Animal Rescue Organization
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                            Mission Statement           

    Lend-A-Paw Animal Rescue Foundation of New Jersey was founded on February 1, 2003 . It is an organization committed to creating lasting, loving, healthy relationships between people and homeless animals. 
    Lend-A-Paw works by rescuing stray and abandoned animals, finding them new and loving homes, and making them into wonderful pets for a caring, loving family. We are a strictly no-kill rescue organization.
    The Goals of Lend-A-Paw are: to help control the pet overpopulation problem in our community, to help educate our community about the need for becoming responsible pet owners, and to help enhance the human-animal bond.
The Lend-A-Paw Animal Rescue Foundation works hard to relieve animal suffering by obtaining veterinary care for all rescued animals, including testing, vaccinating and providing spaying or neutering for all adoptable pets to prevent animal overpopulation and unwanted litters.
        At Lend-A-Paw, we provide compassion, respect, humane care and love for all homeless animals.... because at Lend-A-Paw, we care!

                                 Adoption Policies

We request an adoption donation between $150-$400,  to help defray the costs incurred in the rescue and re-homing of our animals.  Certain animals 
may cause us to incur higher expenses due to the circumstances of their care.  Your donation helps to cover the cost of any medical care the pet may have needed, as well as cover the cost of spaying/neutering, vaccinations, deworming and any necessary testing.  These treatments alone can cost anywhere from $500 to $750 or more if done after the adoption process, as with many shelters. But Lend-A-Paw wants its pets to be as healthy as possible before leaving for their new homes, and to ensure they are already neutered to prevent any accidental unwanted litters in the future. 
ALL adopted pets are spayed or castrated BEFORE they leave Lend-A-Paw, and the cost of this procedure is part of what your adoption donation covers. Also, all pets are as current on vaccines as their age allows, dewormed, tested for appropriate diseases and parasites and generally considered to be healthy. 

If you are interested in one of our pets, please fill out an application, either online at our website or in person, and we will then contact you regarding the next step in the adoption process.    
We do a careful screening of all applicants before a decision is made to place a pet, because we are trying to find lifelong, loving homes.  This means that  we have a mandatory 24-48 hour waiting period before any adoption is considered to be final and a pet can be taken. 
All cats MUST be placed in a carrier and all dogs MUST have a leash and collar before they are allowed to leave the premises.  
Any and all future medical treatment and routine wellness care is the financial responsibility of the new owners once the pet has been adopted.
In the event that you cannot keep an animal you have adopted from Lend-A-Paw, please contact us so that you can return the pet to us. We will find the pet a  new home. 


                                        Founder and Director
                                                    Kimberlee M. Young,V.M.D

                                       Adoption Coordinators:

                                                      Gary V.  
                                                      Denise D.

                                                                Animal Rescue Foundation
                                                                       of New Jersey


             "Committed To Excellence!!"
                      Kimberlee M Young VMD

              Over 25 years of experience!
We offer a state of the art in house laboratory, dentistry, radiology, and laser surgical center. 
Special interest and experience in reproduction and pediatrics. Artificial insemination and C-sections.

 Breeder of Top Quality AKC Great Danes, French Bulldogs, & CFA Grand Champion, Regional winning and the 2005 National Best of Breed winning Birman Cats.

 We are also proud to have founded our own animal rescue organization: